Welcome to Lake Washington Premier FC Store. We decided last year after watching and consulting with our players and parents that there was a real need to provide our fans with their own branded club apparel. Parents were turning up to games with all kinds of sports related hoodies, sweatshirts, baseball caps and joggers, none were branded LWPFC. We saw an opportunity to not only provide great sporting attire, but attire that we saw was really popular as everyday wear.

We started to ask around the crowd, what do you want from the club if we were to provide fan gear? The mot popular answers were the items you see in the store today; Hoodies, Sweatshirts, T-Shirts and caps. We asked about cost, colors, preferences for material, zipped or head over, and how they would like to see the branding on the clothing.

We asked the players what they wanted to wear outside of game days and practice, and we got great ideas and feedback and it was clear we need to help them with warmer clothing for the colder months, as well as some cool branded throw-ons that are tough wearing and can take the rough and tumble of soccer.

We researched materials and suppliers, drew up endless designs, ordered samples and tried different combinations until we arrived at our essentials collection.

We looked at sustainability of materials and US supplied and manufactured options and finally we wanted great quality, but at a reasonable price. We think we got it right but we want to hear from everyone on their experiences with our garments and we love feedback.

Feel free to drop us a note about your experience shopping with us and please send in suggestions for more items that you would like to see in the store. 

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